Microwave Vegetable Steamer









If you want to use a steamer to cook vegetables, you have the option of using one for the microwave. This makes cooking even quicker!








 Orka A68910 Silicone Square Steam Cooker

Rating:  [★] [★] [★] [★] [★]


One of my favorite microwave vegetable steamers is one made from silicone. This Orka model is made from 100% silicone. This material does not leave anything sticky on it! Steam veggies, fish, and meat, and everything washes off easily. This material also allows you to pop it in the oven safely as well. Definitely helps cut down on waste and cleaning. You can’t do that with plastic.

Non stick also means you don’t have to use any oils or fats to properly cook the foods. This model is great for making 2 servings of food at a time.

One customer who loves their Orka steamer says: “I especially like to microwave fresh fish and vegetables. Actually, everything I’ve microwaved in my Orka steam cookers has been moist and delicious, even without adding liquids.”

Also available in blue and lime green:








 Whirlpool Universal Microwave Steamer

Rating:  [★] [★] [★] [★] [★]  


This is the Whirlpool brand name you trust, now making a great steamer for your kitchen too.

This durable, plastic, microwave steamer is great for steaming fish, veggies, and rice. The longer dish design allows you to easily fit longer vegetables like green beans or asparagus without having to trim them down.

This model is dishwasher safe so you have toss it in the wash for an easy clean up. All you need to do is fill the basket with food, add some water to the bottom, and put it in the microwave to cook. It will steam your foods evenly for delicious meals. 13.75 by 8.5 by 5.25 inches.








 Nordic Ware Microwave Vegetable Steamer

Rating:  [★] [★] [★] [★]


The Nordic Ware microwave vegetable steamer comes with a lid with a steam release vent. This model actually uses a gemstone to help transfer the microwave’s energy to food better than most glass and ceramic ware you usually would put in the microwave.

This helps with more even cooking inside the microwave and you will not have to stir the food as much while it cooks. You know how when you microwave sometimes, there are certain parts of the food that are colder than others? This will also help to alleviate that problem.

Nordic Ware’s microwave vegetable steamer comes with a durable, chip proof pan so you don’t have to baby it. It is designed to take abuse. In fact, it is so tough they say it will never melt or warp and can easily be used in the freezer, and even the dishwasher.

You can steam about three pounds of asparagus in this thing without a problem. Many users report great ease of use and clean up with this steaming method.

Nordic Ware is not the only manufacturer who makes these kinds of steamers. 11.1 x 8.7 x 3 inches.

Make sure you check out how large each steamer is. Some are meant for single servings only, which can be small and take up less space, but if you are trying to feed a large family, it may not be quite the time saver to purchase a small microwave vegetable steamer.