Electric Vegetable Steamer










 If you are looking to steam foods, an electric vegetable steamer may be just what you need. Electric vegetable steamers have a heating element inside that boils the water so you don’t need a stove or a microwave to cook. It is also much safer to operate. This heater element boils water much faster than standard gas stoves or electric stoves. It is very similar to electric kettles and is amazing how fast it comes to a boil.



A benefit of using an electric model is that they usually have timers so you can set the steamer and walk away, knowing your food will be done at the same time, every time. You don’t need to hover over the stove to keep an eye on the cooking. Many of these cookers come with pretty large sized water reservoirs so you can set long periods of cooking without worrying about running out of water. Cookers with larger reservoirs also allow you to have timers that are set longer. This can be helpful in steaming foods that take a bit longer, such as corn, or large cuts of fish.


Electric steamers usually come with timers that can be digital or manual. Some people have problems with the digital ones, and it may be the manufacturers fault, like defective manufacturing.


You can find an electric vegetable steamer from many brands, if you have a preference for some reason:

-Black and Decker
-West Bend


Some rice cookers also double as vegetable steamers with some simple attachments it may come with, so that expands your option greatly. As with dedicated vegetable steamers, these will also come with different size trays to hold different amounts of food. Keep in mind that larger sizes may not be only for more food, but it can help with more even cooking. When you can arrange your food so it is not cramped up, you can have cooking that is more even.