Black and Decker Vegetable Steamer










A Black and Decker Vegetable Steamer is a great way to have steam cooking in your home. If you can spare a bit of extra counter space, this dedicated machine will make steaming a breeze.

The Black and Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer is a convenient way to cook vegetables, rice, seafood and much more.

Make sure you have enough counter space for this machine. It is not incredibly large, but it does take up some space. It measures approximately 12-1/5 by 9-1/5 by 10-2/5 inches.

You just turn the knob to set the cook timer, up to 75 minutes and you’ll have a finished meal. After you get your timing down, you can pretty much just set the timer and relax!



- The manufacturer says you can cook rice while steaming food, so essentially, you could cook your entire meal in this one machine. It would cut back on your cleanup too.

- It comes with a 4-quart steam basket. This is a pretty decent size if you are cooking for 3 or 4 people. The included 5-cup rice bowl is also fairly sized.

- A “flavor scenter screen” lets you add herbs and spices to whatever you want to steam. You could make your rice have flavors from your favorite herbs!

- For safety, this Black and Decker vegetable steamer also has an auto shut-off feature. You won’t have to worry about leaving a running appliance in the kitchen.

- Comes with an egg holder for steaming.

- A water window allows you to easily check on the water level of the machine.


What Other Owners Are Saying:

One customer has an older model of this same steamer which was about seventeen years old and it still worked! The customer only had to get rid of it after so long because of having hard water in the city.

“I’ve had this rice cooker / veggie steamer for several years now and have been getting perfect results every time. Although I’ve never used it for veggies – or for anything other than rice – the setup is simple and the outcome predictable.”

Even if you decide to buy this just to cook rice, it’s a quality steamer that will cook enough rice for 4-6 people, perfectly.



“If you aren’t careful removing the cover it is easy to get a severe steam burn. If I was the designer I would have extended the handles on each side to procure a better grip! Otherwise, we are in love with it!”

A very small proportion of users have mentioned an issue with this. Even the ones who mention it still love this product.